Development practices:

› Development Process

Prime Developer is developed using an “agile” process. This enables us to deliver working software more frequently to our users, thus ensuring their business requirements are met.


› Flexible Design

Prime Devloper is built using object-oriented design (OOD) principles. This enables us to produce more extensible software, better equipped to tackle new business requirements.


› Automated Testing

Any change to working software has a risk. By running automated tests on a daily basis, we can ensure that as the software changes to meet new business requirements, it continues to work as expected.


› Standards Compliant

Prime Developer models are stored using a compressed XML based file format. Similar to Microsoft Office 2007, this means all your data is available in current industry standards, rather than in impenetrable proprietary systems.


› User Experience

Prime Developer has a modern and intuitive user-interface, to help user productivity.