Chris Tattum

Key Responsibilities

Chris is our technical director and is responsible for overseeing the development of Analyst.

He leads our team of developers based in London and ensures that any customer requirements are understood, organised and developed by the technicians.

He understands how "agile" development methods allow for better productivity and how constant dialogue with business people ensures "working software" is produced to the customers' satisfaction, and how automated testing ensures software quality.

"It is my belief that the future of information management tools in the global real estate sector involves embracing proven standards, such as XML and the PISCES data standard, and that should have a far greater user experience. Professional software tools should make your life easier, not more complex".


Chris has over 14 years experience in professional software development, from the very first Parry's valuation table software packages on the Psion Organiser, Series 3 and Palm PDAs, to producing one of the first Windows-based real estate valuation packages. This was developed with input from leading financial institutions. He has also been involved in developing real-time key control systems.