Jack McAllister

Key Responsibilities

Jack is a co-founder of Aperio and works with Angus on business strategy, marketing strategy and on overseeing product development. He is the essential conduit between the strategic and the technical aspects of the business and has clear ideas of the role Aperio should and will play in enabling real estate industry participants to drive and exploit changes. One of his key strengths is the fact that he was a buyer and user of these technologies prior to helping set up Aperio.


He has over 20 years experience in real estate investment management; previously a director of Aberdeen Property Investors International and Aberdeen Property Investors UK he was responsible for the formulation and implementation of e-Business and IT strategy. He joined Aberdeen by way of Barclays/BZW Property Investment Ltd. Prior to that Jack worked for CIN Properties, who managed the property investment assets of the NCB Pension Funds.

He has also served as a member of the PISCES Executive Committee and as a member of the Property IT Directors Forum.